Eget Townspeople

These are the professions of the townspeople from Eget that are available when Starting Out. This list will be updated as townspeople are relocated.

Many professions are not represented due to the losses that Eget has previously suffered.

* Acolyte
* Angler
* Archer
* Blacksmith
* Carpenter
* Cultist
* Diplomat
* Doom Prophet
* Elder
* Entertainer
* Farmer (Cattle)
* Farmer (Fruit)
* Farmer (Pig)
* Farmer (Vegetable)
* Guard
* Healer
* Jeweler
* Lawyer
* Mercenary
* Merchant
* Miner
* Shopkeeper
* Sailor
* Sapper
* Shaman
* Soldier
* Trapper

Aside from those with valuable skills, there are other Eget townspeople waiting desperately to find safety in their new home; women, children, disabled, distraught… It will be up to you to decide when and if each person is ready to journey through the portal.

Eget Townspeople

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